2019 Beach Cleans start at Pegwell Bay, Cliffsend at 10am, Sat. 26 Jan.

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2019 Beach Cleans start at Pegwell Bay, Cliffsend at 10am, Sat. 26 Jan. Would you like to help within the National Nature Reserve? Or join in/ organise your own along the Thanet Coast? Thanks to support: & More info:

KEEP IT, BIN IT | New National Anti-Litter Campaign

New Year New New start

I ditched all of my blogs last year  and now regret having done so😟. But the past is gone I tried to retrieve them and they are gone victims of my own inadequacies. I am not going back to blogging like I did but I hope 2019 will be better than 2018.

Promote and protect our Indipendent shops

I used to run the Promote Thanet Blog for about 8 years until closing it earlier this year. Just because I stopped blogging about Thanet means I am no less passionate about the area and it's independent shops and businesses it was because I was suffering with my Multiple Sclerosis and not feeling as if I was to do it anymore. This blog is not about anything so posts here are possibly easier to write. Todays offering is about shopping local to support the local independent businesses and as we run up to Christmas there is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY on 1st of December.  I am writing to jog your brain to remind you to use them or loose them.

Ross Andrews Thrills and Spills Exhibition Friday 14th Launch Party

From Twitter Ross Andrews‏ @RossAndrews3 5h5 hours ago New image - Fresh - Looking great on acrylic. This will be on display and available on a range of media and sizes at my upcoming exhibition - Thrills and Spills @PFactoryMargate from 6pm. Hopefully see you there or find him on Instagram also on Facebook Check out his website and here he is on YOUTUBELaunch party

Thanet Winter Shelter Crowd funding appeal

Weʼre raising £5,000 to provide shelter and support for the people in Thanet who are experiencing homelessness.


The Thanet Winter Shelter aims to make a big difference to the lives of people in circumstances beyond their control and who find themselves rough-sleeping homeless.
Throughout the Winter months we bring people out of the cold and provide shelter, food and support to those who would otherwise be sleeping on the street.

 Don't forget our JustGiving page:

2019 Beach Cleans start at Pegwell Bay, Cliffsend at 10am, Sat. 26 Jan.

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