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I have just come from a forum I frequent and one of the posts was about something being cheaper online at Amazon than at B & Q or Homebase. the item was four quid cheaper and free post from Amazon. But what about a local shop an Independent trader. I try and shop local but buying from the likes of B & Q is not supporting the local area. I dug out this photo to show what I mean about shopping local.
support  local independent shops they are the life line of the area.

Multiple Sclerosis and UTI urine tract infecion

I have had multiple sclerosis for getting on for thirty years I was diagnosed twenty six years ago!. Time flies. Our then three year old son is married and living and working in Qatar.Our daughters are no longer school girls but mums in their own rites. Grandsons who weren't born are grown and at secondary school, and one who is the youngest will be going to big school come September. I that time many many things have changed with my body. I used to tile roofs and walk up and down ladders! Now I cannot walk at all. I am in a wheelchair and transfer via a ceiling hoist. I have a through floor lift to enable me to get upstairs. I did have a stair lift but that became to dangerous, an accident waiting to happen. I have got myself a catheter, first I was self characterizing then I opted for a supra pubic catheter where an incision is cut in your gut and the bladder and I have my catheter changed every eight weeks. This has been happening regular as clock work for nearly five years without any infections. I used to get a UTI every month previously! But last week I got a UTI and it has knocked me for six. Temperature shakes urine not flowing. I had it all, but today I started a course of Nitrofurantoin antibiotics. Oh The joys of MS. I am possibly getting a stoma bag for my constipated bowel  soon. Same thing just for solid waste not liquid! #catheter #MultipleSclerosis #UTI #Stoma

Will any Tories join The Independent Group?

Well the Labour party seem to be in disarray. Another  MP has announced she is leaving or has left the fold! Not sure how this is going to end, I heard a rumor that some unhappy and disgruntled MP's from the Conservative benches intend to join the new group. Another rumour doing the rounds is that Theresa May is set to call a snap election! Brexit seems to be causing major shocks throughout the country and just when I along most of the rest of the population had got so fed up with it I am done caring. 
All I know for certainty is we are due to leave the EU on  on Friday, March 29, 2019 and on that Saturday morning I go God willing will wake up and drink tea and eat breakfast as normal! It is in the following days months and years we will reap the benefits or the hand of leaving will come home to haunt us. I am of an age that I have got less birthdays ahead than I have already celebrated. I will see the immediate aftermath but my children and grandchildren are the ones who will have to pick up the pieces and reshape a future of the mess that is Brexit. 

'The Independent Group' column inches

The latest and newest parliamentary group the so called

'The Independent Group'  are going to be the subject of so many column inches in newspapers around the world that editors must be running their hands together! Nothing like a good gossip to sell a few more papers and for the next few days it will be open season for gossip about the seven defectors! But will it change anything? I'm not sure it will change how anyone see's party politics! I have been watching and willing on the fortunes of the WEP The Women's Equality Party 

And I must say if effort equalled voted the WEP would be ahead in every poll in the land but they ain't! That is me sugar coating it! They deserve so much but the fact is they haven't got a single MP. The Women's Equality Party deserve so much more than the defectors they are at least honest the way the defectors are going about things seem to me to be dishonest! Lies from the word go cannot be seen as  a good start. One of their cries has been Antisemitism yet immediately they get embroiled in the colours of voters! 
I am just a lonely blogger trying not to say anything political but today's events made me want to shout out that it is about time we had a change and I would like to see The Women's Equality Party making that change

Lily Allen - Lost My Mind [Official Video]

I have just read Lilly's book 'my thoughts exactly ' and really enjoyed it so I thought a couple of tracks would go with my review!

Lily Allen | Not Fair (Official Video)

I have just read Lilly's book "my thoughts exactly" about her success and her problems coping with it. A really Frank and honest account of her story so far. If you love her music I urge you to read it, I got my copy from the local Library! Well worth a read especially if you are considering starting out in the music industry!😀

Lilly Allen, just read My Thoughts Exactly the new book by Lilly Allen

Yep I have just finished a girlie book but that girl has got bigger ball's than a lot of blokes I have known. There was  a time a million years ago when I was really into music and it's excesses but Lilly has taken the whole fame thing to the end aWhen women share their stories, loud and clearly and honestly, things begin change - for the better.

nd back again and has been so honest in the pages that I believe her and I know it happened like she describes it. It is there warts and all. I am not going to spoil it and tell you about it you need to read this both men and women it will help straighten some of shit out, on the back page it reads
here is a link to her book 

Find her here on Twitter 

Shop Local Support Independent traders

I have just come from a forum I frequent and one of the posts was about something being cheaper online at Amazon than at B & Q or Homeba...